Your Local Station on DISH

Q: Why is DISH still leaving me without access to my local broadcast station?

A: We know how frustrating this situation is for DISH subscribers. It has now been months since DISH decided to drop our station, meaning you have missed out on local news, weather and sports, NFL and NCAA football, primetime network programming and much, much more. Unfortunately, this is something DISH does all the time. It has dropped hundreds of local broadcast stations since the start of the pandemic. In fact, DISH drops more TV channels than any other pay-TV company in America, by far. Regardless, we are committed to reaching fair deals with every pay-TV company because that's how we are able to deliver the absolute best local news and weather, live local and national sports and entertainment, and to be there when our neighbors need us.

Q: Why does your station need to be compensated by DISH for your programming?

A: Local broadcasters like us invest hundreds of millions of dollars each year to produce and deliver our local news and weather, as well as the sports, network programming and more that you depend on. The fees DISH and other pay-TV companies pay for the right to carry our programming is what enables us to make that investment. That's why we work hard to reach fair, market-based deals -- so that we have the resources to serve our communities, while DISH and other pay-TV providers deliver valuable programming to their customers.

Q: How can I watch my favorite sports, news and entertainment programs?

A: You have choices. Our station is available on other service providers in our community. Visit the “Switch Now” section of this website to learn more.

Q: Why is DISH refusing to reach an agreement to carry your station?

A: We cannot speak for DISH. But here is what you should know: We are committed to reaching fair, market-based agreements with all the video service providers in our area. We've successfully reached hundreds of multi-year deals with distributors across the country over the past several years, including Comcast, Cox, DIRECTV, Spectrum and many others. Unfortunately, DISH drops more channels than any pay-TV company in the country, forcing customers to pay the price for their refusal to negotiate fair deals by depriving their customers of hundreds of channels at a time.

Q: I have heard DISH say that they want to carry local stations, but programmers simply won't let them carry the station anymore. Is that true?

A: No. DISH knows perfectly well this is misleading. In fact, every channel on the dial requires an underlying agreement for DISH to carry it. And it is DISH, not us, that has refused to reach a fair, market-based deal. We are investing more than ever in our programming for viewers, including sports and vital local news. Programming from local broadcasters is a key reason subscribers pay DISH for their services. And you should know that while we will continue to do everything we can to reach a fair deal with DISH, it is ultimately up to DISH to decide to work with us to restore our channels.

Q: Why should DISH have to pay to carry station programming when the signal is free over-the-air?

A: Our signal is free to viewers, not to DISH. Broadcast stations like ours are a big part of DISH's value to viewers and all we ask for is fair compensation for that value. After all, we are working harder and investing more in our programming and local communities than ever before, and we need DISH to reach a fair, market-based deal to be able to keep providing that value.

Q: I have heard DISH say that programmers are demanding big fee increases, which would lead to higher bills. Is that true?

A: No. That is an example of DISH misleading its own customers. In fact, DISH has dropped hundreds of channels in just the past two years, but its prices didn't come down at all. By contrast, we have reached deals with hundreds of pay-TV providers -- all of which felt they were able to reach a fair deal with us while continuing to offer value to their subscribers. We see no reason for DISH to be out of line with the rest of the market.

Q: I've heard DISH say that it has offered to pay what other TV providers pay. Is that true?

A. No. That is yet again another example of DISH misleading its own customers. Our top priority is reaching a fair, market-based agreement as we have with major providers across the country.

Q: Isn't it unfair that I lost access to a channel that I'm paying for just because two companies can't reach a deal?

A: We agree -- it is unfair. After all, you pay your bill to DISH every month. You deserve the full set of channels they promised you and you shouldn't miss one minute of the programming you love -- visit the “Switch Now” section of this website to learn about the many providers that continue to carry our station.